Decisions, Decisions  

Posted by soreal

I have not written any recent posts because I've been really busy with everything and nothing altogether. Am I even making sense? There are days when I want to do so many stuff it overwhelms me and I just end up not doing anything at all coz I can't make up my mind which one to do first. (sigh) I admit this has always been my problem. Is there a book out there that talks about effective shortcuts to being decisive? Even choosing which black shoes to wear for work is a battle.
It's daunting to make up your mind or decide on something and take full accountability for it. I so envy people who can be so decided and committed about something that they actually follow through. For me, the more I think, the more difficult it is to finally get to a decision. Maybe that explains why I'm a moment to moment person and that I do almost everything out of impulse. At least that way if I'm wrong then I can say, "Well I didn't really think about it" rather than still be wrong after all the painful thinking.
Uhhmm, I'm not at all THAT bad, it's just that this whole decision-making crap gets to my nerves. For the record, I did make a few right choices you know; some I gave much thought about and some just out of spontaneity. My working in Cebu for instance, this has been I think one of the best decisions I've made so far. It was also a spur of the moment decision; I just jumped right at it without any care of what's gonna happen. That was 2 years ago and I can't help but wonder; as we get older, do we take more risks because we got more insurance or do we make more calculated actions because we can't afford the risk? (ggrrrrr! I should just go on a retail therapy)

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Lahat naman tayo ay dumaraan dyan.
Isang skill ang pagiging magaling sa decision-making.

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