Why I wrote My Reasons  

Posted by soreal

I always look forward to every 1st of the month because it's our monthsary. I wanted to do something really special for this month so I started the planning about 2 weeks ago. When I started writing about the "245 reason why I love dada", part of me wanted to wait till our 1st anniversary so it will be "345 reasons"; well another part of me couldn't wait though so I did it now for our 8th monthsary.
I had to do everything at work because I didn't want to risk dada finding out about it. Most people will find what I did really sweet but I know some people will not get it. I wanted to let the man that I love know my reasons for loving him and I wanted to know my reasons as well. There is something about having it written down that makes it so real. I personally believe that when you love someone, you have to both show it and say it. It is important that they eyes see love manifested and that ears hear it. The heart alone is weak so we should love with all our senses as well.

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