Happy Camper  

Posted by soreal

I came online this morning right after I got off from work and before I could even change clothes because I was just so excited to check my blog and see who left their imprints and what not. So you can imagine my despair when we didn't have internet connection, I was like "holy crap no! dada help" but dada is at work. Now I'm not techie so I was thrown off my feet with this. I tried to stay calm, checked on my connection again, disabled and enable it, restarted the pc but still there was that "X" thingy on the 2 tiny, adjacent computer icons that show internet connection on the lower right of the screen. So for the first time I dialled *1888 for help so I could talk to a Smart Bro tech. While going thru the IVR's and waiting for a live person, my eyes were glued to the "X" on the tiny computer icons and I was rehearsing what I was gonna tell the agent. With my job, I know how difficult it is to talk to incoherent customers and I wanted to spare the agent that. Well for whatever cosmical reason though, soon after the agent answered (Edmund was his name I think) I was able to establish connection, yeepeey!!! So I thanked the agent for whatever magic or voodoo he did hehe all I kniow is that I got my connection back when he gave his spiel and now I'm a happy camper ^_^

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