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I was fuming with rage while writing this so you may find some harsh remarks. I've written this yesterday but it just stayed in my draft because I've been really busy.

People involved:
Guy 1 = an old classmate, complete a_hole, certified jerk, player, with drug related issues, been married, tendency to be paranoid, overly jealous
Girl 1 = my mom's godchild, very nice girl, responsible, gullible
Despite my efforts to keep it from happening, Guy1 and Girl1 have started dating for sometime now. Recently I've heard that things have been shaky between them, somehow I didn't find it shocking. I knew that it was only a matter of time before things get sour between them and now is that time. Although I care about my friends, I don't pry into their personal lives. I don't barge them with questions. I simply wait for them to openly tell me their problems, if they don't then I just assume whatever their problem is, it's not something they can't handle. So since I never got an S.O.S signal from Girl1, I thought that maybe things aren't that bad..
I was just in the pantry this morning right after my shift, watching some stupid movie while waiting for my other friend when I got an MMS msg from Guy1. I was apalled with what I saw! It's a pic of Guy1 and Girl1 in coitus, stripped, with Girl1 on top, face and boobs all exposed. Guy1 and I send each other MMS msgs from time to time just to show off how cool our camera phones are and under regular circumstances I would have appreciated the photo's nice resolution. But I really doubt he sent the photo for the purpose of artistic evaluation.
When I confronted him he said that he doesn't have plans of sending it to anyone else. According to him, it's a warning for Girl1 to stop texting him because he has a new girl now and it causes a ruckus. I called Girl1 to hear her side and as I expected, she denied all of it. As a matter of fact, it's Guy1 that keeps harassing her, giving her threats and warning her to be careful on what she tells me. She also said that she doesn't get him, doesn't know what he really wants. She changed her number a month ago in hopes that he wouldn't be able to track it. I do remember that because she told me not to give him he number in case he asked for it.
Knowing both of them, I would say someone is lying and I know who that is. I can't stand men like him. How pathetic it is to resort to something so low. I just wanted to b_t_h slap that spineless excuse for a pig till he realizes that guys like him who take advantage of hapless women who think that they need a guy, just any guy to complete them should have their b_lls cut off slowly and tied around their neck after. And I want to give Girl1 a shake so intense! Why would any girl allow herself to be a victim of any power tripping predator!!

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hwwaaaatttt?? pwede ipasa sa ako? joke!

ui nat-nat ha dili pwede noh! l1 ha! hmp!

"just wanted to b_t_h slap that spineless excuse for a pig....

... should have their b_lls cut off slowly and tied around their neck after."

-- yikes! kasakit ba paminawun. haha. I can only imagine. err no. I'd rather not. haha.

alangan eds noh kaw daw maglagot hahai! but dont wori ui kay gudboi man ka hehe

girl1 really needs a good shaking. kung ako pa adto akoa jud gisapak para makamata. gaga pud ngano nipayag picturan na naked..hahay na lang!

guy1 ay kalami na lang tadyakan! hahaha

thanks for dropping by my blog. your header rocks! it's so beautiful.

hay, maraming a-holes sa mundo.
i was a victim too way back college, this maniac tried to post my number na parang election paraphernalia sa grounds ng skul. buti na lang may mababait akong kaibigan at di niya yun natuloy.
dapat sa mga lalakeng ganyan pahirapan at triple karma.