He Did It Again  

Posted by soreal

I always tell him not to take porky's coins out but he still does and we even pinky promised the last time. Imagine my surprise when right after buying something near SM this morning I went straight to porky with a handful of 10Php treat, only to find it really light. I waved him on air several times but there was no clanking sound that coins make, just dreadful silence. PorkyII is my cute piggybank, he gave it to me as a replacement for my porkyI that we smashed because we fell short on cash sometime back. I like porkyII better than porkyI because first dada gave it to me, second porkyII is way cuter and more expensive than porkyI. I just hate the round hole on its belly with rubber cover used to take out coins because it defeats the whole purpose of religiously putting 10Php coins that I will take out a year after. That amount will then be deposited into out savings account, no wait, I suppose because he keeps taking the coins out whatever amount porkyII has after a year goes to my savings account not ours.

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