Day Before Sinulog  

Posted by soreal

It's a saturday and Dada and I went to Sto. Niño after we had breakfast to join the thousands who wanted to pay tribute to the Niño, it is Sinulog tomorrow after all. I'm never the type who enjoys a place of faceless mobs because I always get uneasy, not because I'm shy because oh no i'm not shy at all but because I get scared something bad might happen and then I start hyperventilating. Yes that's true, shocker right? hehehe I know people never would have guessed that but people assume too much most of the time.
So anyway, we did lit some candles and took pictures. I was glad the place wasn't as crowded as I thought it would be, maybe because it was still early. It's amazing how people from all over the country come to cebu for the Sinulog festival. For each person, the reason for coming is always different. Some wants to show their devotion to their faith and others simply want to party. I would say not me, I'm more neutral about it now. Oh but I remember my first Sinulog hehe that was when I was really all ecstatic and I even got myself a complete head-to-toe outfit for it hahaha

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I forgot to mention in this post that dada and I thought the candles were free hehe It was only when I told my friends at work about how I thought it's really nice that the church was giving away candles in celebration for Sinulog that I realized we were so freakin wrong hehe My friends all said, "what! those candles aren't for free, it's piso each, you're going to hell!" Oh I'm sure God wouldn't mind it so much, that was an innocent mistake. Besides, we will pay for it the next time we go to Sto Niño ^_^

wow.. putting Him in the middle of your relationship.. very nice A! keep it up..