Long Lost BestFriend  

Posted by soreal

Miss you guys!! Guess what happened today? Guess C'mon now..Let me just tell you then so I can share my happiness. I need to backtrack a bit though, back to when I was a kid and life was not this complicated.
I grew up with this girl named Leah and we've been inseparables for the longest time. We had so much fun together, just the perfect tandem. We talked about everything, just everything, from dirty little secrets, to really dirty big secrets hehehe we also like talking about our future and how even after 30 years we would still be bestfriends and our kids would be bestfriends. My personal favorite is how we planned our wedding (i don't mean our as in leah&me) It's gona be a double wedding and of course the guys we will be marrying would have to be bestfriends as well (fancy huh) then we would have the honeymoon together but of course she will have her separate room with her hubby and I will have mine as well (we were kids then so we were wholesome) after that we will buy a house somewhere and be neighbors ^_- some plan!
Our fave pasttime aside from endless talking was watching movies, especially bestfriend movies like Romy & Michelle's High School reunion, Bear Mountain-the one with Christina Ricci, Anne of Green Gables, Tom Sawyer and so much more. We also like going downtown (no cash) just window shopping hehe those were the good times.
Because it is but natural, Leah and I went our separate ways, she needed to work and so do I. It's all part of growing up they say. Now we are grown ups who know that we need to have cash, credit card or know someone who do. I lost her number and all contact info some time back when I lost my phone. There are oh so many things that have happened and changed in our lives since the last time we were together (3 years ago) but when she texted this morning and we got into a long-winded conversation...i realized one thing remained constant...we will always be bestfriends, no matter.

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suddenly, i just missed my best friend upon reading this!!!
its such a nice thing seeing old close buddies again!
keep up the bond!