Late New Year's Resolutions  

Posted by soreal

I can't get enough of the New Year because it always gives out a feeling of fresh starts eventhough most of the time we really are just cheating ourselves. So how many New Year's resolutions have I made eversince I was old enough to make one and old enough to understand I can never keep them? Countless! But hey, I'm tapping to that inner old school in me who still believes in resolutions hehe so I'm making mine now 16 days after New Year.
For starters, I'm really going to get serious with my diet this year. I mean I have been on a yoyo diet for the longest time and towards the end of last year I became consistent with it, amazing right? wrong! I consistently gained weight, that from 113lbs I went to an offending 142lbs! Thank God I still got brains and a pretty face to boot hehehe
Second resolution in conjunction with the first one, I'm gonna finally work out with Dada and Wena at MetroSports. Can't wait!
Third is save, save, save, save! No more impulse shopping and keep midnight sales shopping to the minimum.
Of course I'm still going to be the usual funny me and I still pray for world peace^_^

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