Monday Taint  

Posted by soreal

I just want to curl up and hide under the sheets of my bed and play the Carpenter's song, "Rainy days and Mondays" because its just what I'm feeling now. Rain crumps my style but rain on a Monday? I'm telling you it double crumps my style, not a good start for me. Hmmm then I got into thinking about everything else that drives me up the wall and I made a list of it. So if you hate me, that should give you an idea of how to get to my nerves. Oh, I'm touched by my own thoughtfulness.
- when the alarm goes off 5 minutes after I fall asleep
- loud people (I know a lot of those at work)
- posers (they're everywhere)
- people with no sense of humor (bite me)
- people with bad odor (yuck)
- traffic
- smoke (can't stand the smell)
- ass kissers (also know a lot from work)
- people who don't smile (there's this pantry lady who needs a lesson on the benefits of a smile)
- too much heat
- LBM (this one is a killer hahaha)
- nosy people
- our neighbor's dog (barks in the middle of the night)
- people who share their stinky farts (keep it to yourself)
- when I don't have change
- bad customer service
- chores (allergic to it)
- when I'm short on dough
The list could go on but I gotta give keyboard a rest, ciao!

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fop"loud people (I know a lot of those at work)" --- waaa, i'm guilty.

Wow A, can't believe your becoming such a blogger addict! hehe.

I also don't like to go to work today, especially on a 7am shift on a rainy monday!

agi ko.

i perfectly feel the same... you hit atleast 75% of your list. hehehe~! enjoyed it!@

@edcel, ui dili ikaw akong pasabot sa banha ha hehehe

@wanderingcommuter, i enjoyed your posts as well :)

kabalo ko noh. im loud pero in a nice way. wahahaha.... :)

I can tolerate everything in the list provided I am not hungry!WAhaha!

@anino I forgot about being hungry hehe that should be in the list as well :)

btw, it happened tonight again..the alarm went off 5 minutes after I fell asleep huhuhuhu