Growing Up  

Posted by soreal

Once upon a time, there lived a cute little girl who couldn’t wait to grow up. She started wearing Playtex bra at 2nd grade long before any of her friends had boobs. Her menarche came when she was 9 years old much to her parents’ concern and to her excitement. Right at that time she already had her very own make up collection as freebies from her aunts for wowing them. When kids her age played with dolls and toy cars, she played with her hair. Because she was the firstborn, she had a huge assortment of toys but she only fancied them for awhile and soon the toys were kept inside a big brown box, isolated in a dark corner. She didn’t think it strange that she dreamt of what her first kiss would be like at an age where kids should be dreaming of Barbie dolls. Well she never was a fan of dolls anyway, she always thinks it’s creepy how their blank eyes could stare and stare for what seems like eternity.

Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months, months turned into years and the cute little girl did grow up into a lively, voluptuous woman. With her innocence gone, she’s now a woman of experience and yes she did have her share of stories to tell; heart wrecking, tear jerking, awe striking tales. She never thought growing up is so complicated. She sometimes finds her thoughts wandering towards memory lane, when she was but an urchin and life was nothing but a carefree bubble of laughter and everything can be solved with a platter of sweet spaghetti.

Oh how she wishes she could turn time back and relive what was gone, she would have cherished every moment of her childhood. How she wish she could go back to a time when she could sit on her father’s lap, cry for hours then she would tell her old man how cruel the world is, her dad would hug her, wipe her tears, make up stories that would make her laugh. But she can’t do that now, she’s too big to sit on her father’s lap and her father is no longer the strong and mighty that he once was. Strange how age had taken its toll on her father, she has always thought that her dad was like superman, man of steel, always strong.

Now when she thinks of the future and how vague it looks to her, she gets scared. Gone are the days when the future was something her parents take care of for her. Now she has to take care of herself and her siblings as well. She’s scared and angry of her responsibilities but those responsibilities are what keep her going. Although she appears like a hard nut to crack she’s really is just a cupcake and the whole façade is her defense. I should know…I am her.

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