Away Cobwebs Away  

Posted by soreal

If I remember right, today is the 3rd day of my blog hehe I can never get my dates and figures straight so please excuse me. I'm planning to just spend the day learning as much as I can about blogging coz I'm such a novice at this it astounds me. I already bookmarked the sites that I found helpful in my quest for..err..uhm..templates and anything that can help me with my blog. >sigh< This feeling is identical to how I felt back in highschool when I'd get a project that I'd be totally engrossed on doing right haha Well I guess this is a good past time for me at this point in my life. I've turned into a sloth and blogging is a good way to get the hinges turning again, something to keep the cobwebs off my cerebrum..hmm cobwebs off my cerebrum hehe that's a nice one!

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