What I Saw  

Posted by soreal

Just recently I discovered an interesting pastime. I think this started when at one time instead of participating in the usual banter going on in the office, I just quietly sat at my station and watched everyone and everything that was taking place.
I saw things I didn't notice before, especially in people. And you know what they say about the things that people do when they think nobody's watching or paying attention? So gross!
This one girl for instance, I don't know if it was really normal for her or if maybe for a moment she thought she was in her room. She was picking her nose with so much passion, and when she took her finger out, she eyed the booger on the tip of her finger then WIPED it on the SWIVEL CHAIR!!! Unbelievable! She could've used a hanky or tissue or anything but not the seat. I mean it's not even her property to begin with. I was like, "what if the seat I'm on is covered with nasty boogers" ewwww, it made me shudder with disgust.

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