Shopping Makes Me Weak  

Posted by soreal

Dada and I went shopping this afternoon and promised not to shop again until Christmas because that is when all the good stuff comes out. Well I made reservations for some pre-order items online as well and I should get it this month but that should be the last..promise!

I already have a yellow purse to match my yellow shoes but when I saw this yellow Secosana bag earlier, I felt weak in the knees so I just had to buy it and I did. No matter how many times I tell myself to stop being such an impulse buyer, I still end up buying things that are not really considered essential in life. Well I guess that is why it's called impulse buying because it just happens out of impulse and you only realize what just happened after you pay for it. Oh well!

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alaxan fr dayon sis! hahaha..
nah c mk dili makadugay basta shopping na ang issue..after 20mins dili na madrawing ang nawong..hahahaha..

hoistt! akoa bitaw to eprenda ang chain kay pang shopping nako for xmas hahahaha..