A Woman's Worth  

Posted by soreal

I got this email at work from Griz and it insipred me. I'm posting this so that every WOMAN will be reminded of how FANTASTIC they are and well MEN? They NEED to be reminded as well!

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not that i'm making kontra ha, pero whoever wrote this is so biased... hehehe peace! but i do agree, we sometimes forget what we're worth.



this is for every men and women of this world, and the gays too.. hihihi.. =)

the very last line made me teary.

how sad. it's true indeed.

perti ka OA nako sis oi..
pero pramis jud..
nakahilak ko pagkatapos ug basa..

Matud pa sa name sa imong blog, sis, so real and so true. Women just have this great capacity to love that we sometimes forget about ourselves anymore as long as we make our loved ones happy. Dapat baya jud unta we leave some love for ourselves. :)

Hope all is well you way, sis. Take care.