Missing Dada  

Posted by soreal

I had a long frantic week that I just wanted it to end so I can spend the weekend with Dada. I have missed him so much! At first I love not having the same schedule with him but lately I realized it's just very different. Yes this made us miss each other more, it's like a thirst that can only be quenched with each other's fluid hahaha that should feed your imagination. We both want to sleep and wake up together. I hate not seeing him next to me when I wake up. The bed somehow seems bigger and empty without him.

Unlike before, we only get to spend a limited time together daily because I had to leave before he gets home and he leaves 3 hours after I'm home (sigh). This however made me realize how much I love him and how much I have taken him for granted because he was constantly around. I felt that it was always a given fact in my life that he is there when I need him. Now that has changed because of work and I want to treasure every moment spent with him. I savor every hug, kiss and cuddle. Somehow the fights I pick over petty stuff are just not worth it. I just want to cling to him when he is around and tell him that I love him so much, yes I do (sigh).

My heart, everything in me for that matter knows that its rightful place is with Dada.

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