My First Pay From LoudLaunch  

Posted by soreal

Although I have several subscriptions for sites that pay bloggers to write, I am happiest with Loudlaunch. Why? because I only need to write articles of 150 words minimum and once it's submitted, consider it approved. The best thing about it is that every task never goes lower than 20USD, great right? I just received my first pay from LoudLaunch and i didn't even expect it. Imagine my surprise when i got an email notification that my Paypal received 144USD and that was only for 6 to 7 articles. Not bad at all!

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waaaa. suya ko nimo A, i dunno when i'll get approved by loudlaunch. tsk tsk. dugay ayo!!!

Amazing gud! Try sad ko ani beh. Hehe! Musta na?