Michael Phelps for Lunch!  

Posted by soreal

The Olympic fever caught up to us all the way to the pantry. For wave 36, Michael Phelps is always the best delicacy served during lunch. Although I am not a sports freak let alone a swimming freak for that matter because I can't swim, I can not help but admire how great a swimmer this Olympic Gold medalist is with a drool-worthy bod to boot. Every fiber of my existence shivers whenever he moves. I know his intentions are pure and wholesome when he swims, but girls can't help but interpret it differently. Oh don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining nuh-uh am not.

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hi A!!!

hehehe..yeah i do remember the few days we watched him in the pantry..wow..he's hottttt!!! hahahah..

who could ever complain???

a plateful of rice from grandma and an eyeful of michael phelps?

starving wasn't an option!

pantry time!!!

hi ms a!