Buying Things  

Posted by soreal

So I'm having the time of my life here in Bangkok, Thailand. But I am almost done with my vacation. I'll be back two days from now and I'll be listening and talking to my customer's again. That's why I'm savoring every moment here while I still can because I know it will be back to boring days again at home. In the mean time, since I'm already here, I have a lot of requests from my friends at work to buy them some things since it's relatively cheaper here. But I'm prioritizing two colleagues who specifically wanted some cute baby cribs they've searched online.
These moms at work I give a high regard since they are after all dividing their time to taking care of their husbands, their babies and of course, they do the same job as I do. So I'm really looking forward to buying something for them (or their kids). Anyway, I was able to find some good travel cots and high chairs and I'm hoping they'll like it; they should because I know my taste never fails me (hehe). I wish I could just shop here all day and all night! But i guess all good things must come to an end, until another good thing arrives.

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