The Reds  

Posted by soreal

There is only very few stuff in this world that I’m OC about and that includes my bags and shoes. For every bag I have, I also have a pair of shoes to match it. It’s one way for me to find synergy in my everyday life. Dada laughs at how silly it is but I can NOT be seen, let alone go out with a mismatched outfit.

The only basic color I lack from my collection is red. So whenever we go shopping we always look for a red shoe because a red bag is easy to find. We always see a lot of reds in any shoe zone we enter. The problem is my shoes size. It’s so hard to find a 5 these days. When we do see one, it’s not heeled and I have a thing for sexy heels.

Tonight I triumphed over weeks of constant search because I finally found the perfect pair at Robinson’s. Weeeehh! So here, I'm flaunting it ^_^

Next stop, purple bag and shoes!!!

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wow! I didn't know it but i did notice that the color of your bag matches your shoes ;). Anyway, what's a girl without a bag ang a pair of really cool shoes right?

babae jud ka sis kay match match man jud ang shoes ug ang bag.. hehehe

i love the shoes! nice!