Eyelash Extensions  

Posted by soreal

A pair of gorgeous eyes is a true asset. I can not help but stare at people with beautiful eyes, thick and long lashes that could cast dramatic shadows. My lashes are fairly long but not that thick. I have heard of the eyelash extension service at salons where they attach individual strands to your lash to add length and volume. Depends on where you have it done and how it’s done, the price may vary. So far, I know of 2 salons here in Cebu that provides this service; Maanyag and Hortaleza Salon. I so want to try it but Dada does not approve of the idea. He usually is my biggest supporter but not on this one.

Eyelash extensions are truly way better than curling your lash and putting on that pesky mascara. This is hot in Hollywood but we don’t have to pay as much here.

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