The Treat  

Posted by soreal

Well if you remember in some of my old posts, I have blatantly written how I’m the one that keeps putting together surprises for Dada and his response to that is regularly bringing huge Cadbury Caramel Chocolates right after work (that is just one of the many reasons why I’m growing like a healthy baby daily). But last Monday morning, he surprised me big time! I’m romantic yes but deep-down, I’m just a material girl (winks) He fetched me from work and then we had breakfast. When we got home, he asked me to check under the pile of pillows. To my surprise underneath was a box inside the “What a Girl Wants” package. When I pulled it out I was greeted with a box and inside was a pair of really cute, white Havaianas. That was enough to make me throw myself to him in a playful embrace. But wait, he’s not done. Like a magician, he made another box appear or maybe I was too preoccupied hugging him so I didn’t notice where the box was from, oh it couldn’t be, could it?! Yes, a Converse shoebox! It was the Chucks that did it and I just had to shower him with kisses, need I say more?

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Ka sweet ni dada oi!
aaaaahhhh!! havaianas! so cute.. been looking for a pink and purple one here.. can't find one.. huhuhuhu :[ love the converse shoes sis.. i saw a pink one here bibilhin ko sana.. chucks.. lang size for me.. huhuhu.. malas!!!
kiss na lang din ako kay dada... hahaha

ui uli diri sis para makpalit ka hihihi