My Morphs  

Posted by soreal

It's my off and I found this interesting site that let's you morph photos. I gave it a try and I morphed my pic with some celebrities. Tell me which one is your fave.

1 Me and Amber Benson - Nice but I don't see much of my features except for the lips.

2 M e and Avril Lavigne - It's like Avril with a fatter face hehe

3 Me and Drew Barrymore - There is so little of me, mostly on the cheeks portion hehe

4 Me and Kristin Kreuk - I love this, first it's all Kristin but if you really stare at it you'll see me.

5 Me and Michelle Branch - My fave!! It really combined our features so well. The brows, eyes, nose, lips & cheeks shows us both. Neither of us dominates.

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If the pic at the top of the page is you then thats my fav.You don't need a morph,your pretty the way you are.

why thank you gregorio^_^ and yep the header pic indeed me.

Hua ha ha... nice morph software. I just imagine if i choose elizabeth taylor what it gonna be?

I chooce number 5, really really nice. But your face is already pretty (aggree w/ gregorio).

I like number 4... Though you are already pretty ^__^ Like they said :)

Nice morph software :)