The Acting Job  

Posted by soreal

When you have been doing something for a very long time, it doesn't even matter whether you still like it or not. Your body just mechanically performs. You smile because you always smile. You're polite because it's what society requires although deep inside you just want to be rude at that certain moment even if you know remorse will follow after. You listen or at least pretend to; you've gotten quite good at looking very interested with the chitchats when you just want to yell, "stop whining". You talk animatedly and make everyone laugh. Does it even matter that you really just want to shut everyone out? No, it doesn't. When you only want to watch from a distance and not get involved; your automated clone saves you. It functions just as the regular you would and nobody can even tell the difference. Nobody knows your faking it. Life after all is one big acting job and everyone is an instant actor; just pour hot water, stir and let the cameras roll.

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1 comments an actor sis! who's the best actress? hmmm.. jollywood ba to? or bloggywood? :]