Payday Fever  

Posted by soreal

Happy morning guys! It's payday and I feel so tired today :'( my feet just hurt from walking. You must be wondering why since I have one of those jobs that pay you for sitting your buns out the whole shift. Well dada and I walked from I2 to Skyrise to grab breakfast then walked towards Ila Puti at I1 coz we still wanted to eat. I love Pasta Puti , Strawberry Milk Slush and dada's order which name I totally can't recall hehe so I’ll call it whatever it's spicy binagoongan rice with FIlipino style adobo. The big bosses of I2 CVG arrived soon after we've settled with our orders but we just gave them a casual wave and went on to enjoy our food. No sense engaging in a lengthy uncomfortable chat.

Earlier in the day we went to SM to unwind and pay some bills. The funny thing was we had this really big, stupid fight when we were inside the taxi going there. Poor taxi driver, caught in the middle of the word shoot out. I decided to cool down because it was just another one of those cases when I overreact to something. And that was when the driver narrated the story of his life, what his life is with his wife and 4 kids. He was so wrong if he thought it would get him a tip. Well anyway dada took some shots coz I was wearing the kimono I bought online. Oh and this was after the war. ^_^

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