Things You Don't Know About ME  

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Got this very interesting tag from Twinks; who’s on her way to Pinas right now. I've just discovered 10 wonderfully interesting facts about her and now it’s my turn to spill the beans.

  1. I was a bit of a tomboy while growing up and I was one of those kids at school who bully other kids though they were a lot bigger than me hahaha Thank God, I have grown out of that stage!
  2. This one is more of a confession hehe I worked as a Radio Host in 102.3 Killerbee Butuan some years ago. I was on board for one of the late night shows, I think it was Monday Sucks but I can’t be too sure. Anyway, I felt the sudden urge to pee, I tried holding it but it was one of those rare cases when you just had to do it pronto. I didn’t make it to the restroom. I used the empty Dunkin Donuts cup instead and did it inside the booth, isn’t that nasty??!! hehe
  3. I love eating eyes, yes eyes not ice. Fish’s eyes to be more specific hehe some of my friends can’t stand it. Doesn’t matter how the fish was cooked (sinugba, tinola, paksiw, prito, etc,) or how big it is. One time I asked one of the fish vendors if they sell fish eyes and I remember how he laughed and said that I need to buy the whole fish.
  4. Want to study photography or psychology. I like to think I have an eye for beauty hehe I really do love taking pictures and then experiment with it. When I’m captivated by a certain photograph I just stare and stare at it to figure out what’s making it stand out. Psychology coz The human mind astounds me that is why I also want to study it, what makes it tick, etc…^_^
  5. Enclosed spaces scare me so I think that makes me claustrophobic. I do ride elevators, but I get so freaking uneasy if it’s packed with people. Whenever I’m in a place where there is not much room for movement or anything else, I get paranoid, would start feeling suffocated and angry, my head would spin and the first thought is, “I gotta get out”.
  6. I don’t like wearing shorts because I have this huge birthmark on my right leg. It goes in clusters like a map so whenever I get asked about it I tell them it’s a Philippine map then takes them to a guided tour of the whole archipelago. The geography lessons are more exciting for Dada though hehehe
  7. I’m into spicy food! I put “sili” in my viand and my dip. I think that if someone can make spicy desserts and still manage to make it taste great then it would be a hit.
  8. My grandparent’s have an albino carabao. It is such a beautiful and gentle animal, whenever I visit the farm I would always ask to ride on ‘Puti” yep we’ve named it. My friends didn’t think there are white carabaos till I showed them the picture.
  9. I’m a Libra which makes me a fair and balanced person in a detached way. Like most people under this sign, I’m narcissistic (mejo), bossy, charitable, dresses up for the occasion, love art, popular and a slight perfectionist. Libras love beauty, gifts, debates, attention, intellectual conversations, admiration, credit cards hehe, mingling, subtle colors, textures and haute couture^_^
  10. Happy and sad movies make me cry hehe heck, I even cried while watching that Transformers movie.

Enough said about me, it’s time I get to know these other people better: mier, eds, denzyl, joy and bunso. Cheers!

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