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We woke up super early today; well technically we never really slept. Whenever we have the time, we always go to "Siomai sa Tisa" at Fuente. The most that we've eaten so far, if I remember right, is around 20pcs siomai and 8pcs puso. Yeah I know the place is not the most hygienic place you can eat at but it just has this appeal that makes everyone keep coming back. I think it was already around 6am when we went to Carbon. I have kept begging Dada to go to Carbon with me so I can see all the spices and vegetables. He would say, "But you don't buy" and I would retort, "Because we don't have time to cook but I used to cook back home and I miss it. Let's go and pretend." So we went there. I love the hassle and bustle; even the stench of fish and sweat that makes my nose wrinkle is something that I didn’t really mind early this morning. The only thing I didn’t like is the wet and sooty ground. I walked carefully so as not to have any mud get into my toes. We bought “kakanins, walis ting-ting & tabliya”. I made 2 cups of hot and savory “sikwati” just the way my grandma used to make it when I was at kid and we visit them at the farm. When I think about it, sipping hot “sikwati” early morning is one of my best childhood memories. Hhhmmm..I only had to close my eyes while I sip and I’m back at the farm in Davao.

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