Birthday Breakfast w/o the Celebrant  

Posted by soreal

It was Dada's 22nd birthday yesterday (Holy Thursday) so this is a late post. He was unhappy about the fact that his birthday fell on a day when society takes a halt in yielding to carnal pleasure. He works in Banawa so he couldn’t be with me and Wena that morning to have an early morning celebration. That didn’t stop us from eating heartily though hehe Wena and I celebrated his birthday with a sizable breakfast at Mocha Blends. I had Carbonara which I absolutely loved, Bolognese which I didn’t enjoy so much and House Blend Iced Tea Wena had Australian Beef Stew, Napolitana and Strawberry Kiwi. We never intended to gorge so much that morning but we did anyway and we went home each feeling queasy. That explains why I wasn’t able to post this yesterday instead.

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omg these look delish sa cebu ni dba? san banda? and how are the prices? comparable to what restaurant? parang don hernrico's? or like east west? or something ? xD wala lang parang gusto ko pumunta :p

what does the tea taste like? kasi meron din d2 sa davao its a blended iced tea d nako ma understand ang taste basta lami kaayo xa hehe.. naa pod acid tea its red and it knda tastes like bubble gum

Yep Cebu, naa sa SkyRise ilang location. Mejo mahal din cla but the place is lovely and the service is also good. The tea dli pud nko madescribe ang lasa hehe but it's yum2x kaayo!

Australian Beef Stew = Php 190
Carbonara = 150
Bolognese = 160
Napolitana = 140
House Blend Tea = 70
Strawberry Kiwi = 135

they also have yum2x cakes^_^

i loved carbonara! belated happy bday to him!