For The Love of The Foot  

Posted by soreal

Yesterday we went back to Nuat Thai because if you remember I posted awhile back that we had such a rewarding 1st time experience there; we vowed to always go there every payday. This time around we opted for the hour long foot massage instead of the body massage we had the last time. Oh I swear over Jose Rizal's grave, their foot massage is just the bomb!
When we got there, they helped us take off our footwear so we can change into some comfortable slippers. Then they led us into this dimly lit place where we can hear the sound of waves and birds chirping. It's like being transported into another place. Well I guess it also helped that they had out feet soaked in a vibrating basin of lukewarm water. After that they put this sort of heated pillow at the lower back and the neck area. Well whoever thought of that heated pillow touch is a genius, it's very therapeutic, it really eased all the tension on the lower back, neck and shoulders. Then the official massage started. They had begun with our hands which is another plus point. I love how they put pressure in all the reflexology points of the hands. When they did our feet, it just felt oh so good that I fell asleep so I couldn't give you much of what went on but I'm sure my feet loved every moment of it.
Our feet are the most tired part of our body, not to mention the most taken for granted part as well. Don't you just salute your feet for supporting your weight all these years? I can't help but be amazed with mine, how it is considered rather tiny (size 5) yet it carries my increasing body mass just fine. People should really get a foot massage or foot spa instead of just a pedicure. It's the least we can do for our feet.

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Isang beses kong nasubukan ang magpamasahe ng paa.Nilibre ako ng aking boss. Hindi ko nagustuhan dahil nasasabunutan yung buhok ko sa binti. Muntik ko pang masipa iyong masahista.
Pinakagusto ko yung masahe sa katawan.

nyayhahaha kunsabagay problema nga un, mag shave ka nlang hihihi