All Girl Breakfast  

Posted by soreal

The girls and I decided to have breakfast together right after yesterday's shift. So this post is a day late hehe That was the first time that Aisah, Jen, Ching, Wena and I ate breakfast together since..since..geezz I can't even remember!
I'm not in the pic coz I was the one who captured the shot (hmp). We talked about a lot of stuff like work and how de-motivated we all are. Sometimes it takes all the coaxing and literally talking to ourselves in front of the mirror just so we can get our cute buns to work. We love our work, we do and we love pay day even better. It just gets so old and exhausting you know, doing the same thing over and over. Sure we always try to keep work fun and keep a positive attitude but it’s like this; even people who gets payed for sex get tired of what they do. These are people being payed for something that everyone loves except for those struck with frigidity. Point is that this is a normal phase and everyone experiences this once or twice in their lifetime. We’ll come around soon enough, I hope.^_^

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hello there!! could u plz update my url? i change it into hope u will do it for me..thanks

hi! y can't i leave a message in your shuotbox? anyway, tagged you here.

you're right sis, sometimes it's boring doing the same thing over and over again, parang daily routine mo na and la ng excitement, yong exciting part lang is pay day! lol! :]

that's why i make it a point to find other means to entertain myself. --> wait, that didn't sound right. hehe.

good luck to the rest of us!