Team Potluck  

Posted by soreal

I have finally gone out with my team again. It's been awhile and I didn't realize I miss everyone. Yeah we do have fun in training and the people I directly interact with are fun people but I miss people in Ops. I miss my TL and my teammates. I wanted to say no to the team potluck last Friday, in fact I think I did back out at the last minute but Wena convinced me to go haha so I did and I'm glad. I just hated leaving them so early because I still had a class. I have posted a snippet of the affair.

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what's this? an all girls event?

dli woi ... naa man guys hehe pero gipauna man nila ug eat ang girls char!!!

nagmahay daun ang mha boys kay ang mga girls dagku pa sa boys ug kaon wahahaha

kalingaw oi..
na i miss potluck sis..katong gawork pako sa hospital every month mi naa potluck sa pharmacy department..hehehe lingaw lagi oi

pst..kinsa pinakadako ug nganga diha? hehehe

salamt sa support..botoha napud ko ha..heheh abuso na ba

nice team, looks like a huge fammily


hello there. blog Walking in here and sending greetings too. have a good day!
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