Moving Out  

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Today we move to another place. Dada is still asleep and is not in a hurry in any way. I understand, I mean we have everything boxed but I am in no hurry to leave as well. The landlady is a really warm person and is already a friend that is why this is kind of difficult for us (sigh). The most difficult part for me was telling Te Nene that we are moving out but it turned out better than I expected because she is such an angel.

So why move out?

Because it is not working out for us here. I mean the place is great and all but it turned us into lazy hogs. All we do is sleep and eat and the only exercise we ever get is climbing the stairs up the rooftop. We have gained so much weight the moment we got here huhuhu we hardly get anything done because we keep putting it off. Like how many times have we planned on going out to do this and that but ended up sleeping the entire day instead? I'm such a lazy hog I don't even go out to shop anymore, I have sucked into the online shopping fever. I have nothing against online shopping, I love it but it certainly robbed the fun out of shopping, the part where you have to actually fit into the clothes and shoes before you actually pay.

I'm not even going to get started with Dada hihi

I will write to let you all know about the new place we are moving into. For now, I'll let the keyboard rest.

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hello! uyy, nakalink ka hindi mo ba nakita name mo sa sisters section? last link ka doon, added you also sa other blogs ko, thank you, sis!

kay ngano man gud mg cge lang mo katulog ni Dada... tulog ra kaha inyo ginhimo ha? wehehehehe...

goodluck sis... enjoy your new love nest! murag bird..hehehe

whats in the house that makes you lazy? is it on a high floor level, we live in 4th floor, and yes, nakataman na bumaba pag nasa taas na..
hi i just updated my blogroll, I included you in it. Hope we can exlink. If you have other blogs that you like me yo include. Please comment on my first post at sweet..pretty..naughty.. thank you!

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