Whats Your Credit Score??  

Posted by soreal

People these days hardly pay with cash; there is plastic for everything. Personally although I prefer cash; it’s just not safe to go around shopping with all that green stuff inside your purse. What if you get mugged? Then its goodbye whatever amount of money you have with you, I should know. If your card gets stolen, you can simply notify your credit card company about it and it will be practically useless. Well imagine how ridiculous you will look checking into a fancy hotel paying cash. With Plastic, it is simple, convenient and hassle free.
Credit cards give consumers the purchasing power but it is also a major reason why people are in debt and with bad credit. People tend to forget that when they use their cards, they still have to actually pay that amount with interest. Too bad because your credit report is always a prerequisite when you try to get a loan, no matter what kind of loan that is.
Not sure what your credit score is? You are not alone in that area but d that should not be a problem because getting a free credit report is as easy as going online, clicking and typing. Once you know your score then you can start doing the works to improve it. To improve credit is not really difficult so long as your know your current standing, it is a requirement.
Did I say improving you credit is easy? Yes I did and that’s true. The difficult part is maintaining that already good credit. One trick is always setting a limit to how much you will spend for shopping in one billing cycle. Once you determined the amount, stick to it. It may seem painful in the beginning but later on you will be so used to it its like clockwork.

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