My PR Dropped!!!  

Posted by soreal

Sigh! I didn't notice until this morning that my blog's PR dropped to an offensive ZERO. Well what can I say, from PR4 when I just started out to PR2 and now this. Oh well, I have nobody else to blame but me. The past few months I have been so hooked with ebay and online shopping that I hardly have time to hop around blogs, write posts and I haven't even been paying attention to tasks. It was all buy this, bid for that, etc...
I guess it didn't really matter till now huhu anyway with my PR down to zero, this is a good time to finally purchaase my own domain. I have been planning to for awhile but I've heard of how it's going to drag your PR down so I have been putting it off. Now however, I can't think of any reason why I shouldn't get my own domain. I just have to put my thinking cap on so I can come up with a short and catchy name.

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Its ok my blogs also drop to zero but no big deal...Thanks for stopping by.

Wonderful Things In Life

whoah... i'm so sorry to hear that... kidding! love you wafa!

but really, i didn't know it could drop that low.

oh.. so sorry about that.. btw, how do u raise ur PR? my PR is 0 as well.. lol XD

btw, thanks for droppin by my site :-)


ready 2 fly??? be ready 2 fall....
wanna see ur smile <(^__^)>


thank 4u'r visit me....congrate...

@donyamichy it can and it will so take care of your PR

@kikai to be honest I really don't know much about how to raise PR except that having really good links help

@myavatainside yep, i'm gonna keep can't keep me down ^_^