A Violet Elephant's Debut  

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Wik2x's solo pictures
with his bestfriends

with the grumpy bear Mumble
with the pink pig Gloria

I got this cute little baby elephant yesterday as a birthday present from Wena and Mik thus the name Wik2x. I decided to formally introduce Wik2x to the rest of the world today. Sort of a coming-to-age celebration but it's just going to be with me and dada. It's about time Mumble and Gloria play with another friend, how cute!

NAME: Wik2x
AGE: (baby forever)
GENDER: male
PARENTS: Rowena Yee and Kim Carlo Tan
FAVE FOOD: Meatballs and Pizza
BESTFRIENDS: Mumble and Gloria
SAYINGS: "real men wear violet"

Be an Accountant in California  

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Working outside the country to earn dollars and have so much more extra to help our family while also making our dreams come true is something most of us are coveting for, well that’s what I’m coveting for at least. Not everyone gets lucky and live the life they want for themselves and their family. Some stay and live the life they’ve always lived. Yet there are those who stayed and still lived the life they wanted. At any rate, one has to make decision.

As for me, I suck at making decisions because I hate the pressure. When I’m faced with something that leaves me totally confused, I resort to something else. I interview 10 random friends and base my decision from them; that way if anything goes wrong then I can always go back to them. It’s a twisted way to think but hey, that is not how I do it all the time though.

With the different jobs available to those who willingly apply for it and those who deserve it, all we need to do really is make that move. That is what my accountant uncle did, he made the move to leave and work at a greener pasture. According to him though, the pasture may be greener there but it is just as hard to plow. He was able to find his career in one the Accounting Jobs in California. So if you are a qualified accountant just like him then you can find accounting jobs in California and earn as much or even more. As what my uncle always say, “California is where an accountant should be”.

Well I’m not an accountant and I don’t think I will ever be one but I do have several friends who are and this is good news for them.

From Kawasan And Back (updated with pix)  

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Some of my friends and I went to Kawasan Falls to celebrate my 25th Birthday yesterday. To those who have been to that place, you would know that there is a major hiking spree involve. It's my 2nd time there, the 1st time was with Wena when we went there right after shift and I ended up with no undies on my way home hahaha

There were 7 of us yesterday, Dada, Wena, Eds, Michy, Mik, Kim and yourstruly. Everyone got wet and wild except for Mik and his sister Kim, I think they just went there to take unadulterated pictures of themselves hihihi

Eds was the official photographer of the group and I'll just grab pictures from his site the moment he posts it. Wena and Mik gave me a purple elephant as a present, so cute! It has a really long name so changed it to Wik2x hihihi in honor of the parents (Wena & Mike). You might be wondering what dada gave me; he gave me a lovely Timex watch because I don't have a watch for the reason that I use my phone to check the time.

We packed up our things and started hiking back to the road at 4pm yesterday. Got back to Cebu at 8pm and we were all so tired because the ride home was a killer! The moment I got home I went to bed right away to just relax and then shower later but when I woke up it was already 6am hahaha

I Want a Violin!  

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There is something enchanting and haunting about the sound a violin produces. Listening to it is like being in a trance and a pleasant one. Must be interesting to play it with eyes closed and just get devoured in the music. (sigh) I want a violin and I want to be able to learn how to make beautiful music with it. I want it tomorrow for my birthday but dada already got me my birthday present huhuhu guess i'll have to buy myself a present then. Too bad I already know what I'm buying so there is absolutely no way to surprise myself tomorrow..so sad!

My Ugliest Moment!  

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Chickenpox is a highly contagious illness caused by primary infection with varicella zoster virus (VZV). It generally begins with conjunctival and catarrhal symptoms and then characteristic spots appearing in two or three waves, mainly on the body and head rather than the hands and becoming itchy raw pockmarks, small open sores which heal mostly without scarring.

It was December 05, the worst Christmas ever! I was 22 then, a bad age to get hit with chickenpox. I kept telling my friends here in Cebu of how ugly my face was and how I felt so disgusting. How I was looked upon with disgust (sigh), I didn’t even want to look at the mirror. I was so angry and frustrated at that time because it was like God was punishing me. I’m one of those people who take really good care of their faces so my face was my pride…then comes the Chicken Pox.

When I lost my phone back then, I thought I also lost the evidence that I did get chicken pox. Thank God I found the disk where I backed up most photos from my phone before.

I never thought my face would ever get back to that state it was before the scabs and blisters but it did. You can’t even tell I had chicken pox. EXCUSE ME FOR POSTING MY UGLY PIC but I’m doing this so that people will take chicken pox seriously and to show that you can get this illness at an adult age and still rise above it more beautiful!

The S Talk!  

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Is there an easier, less uncomfortable way of talking to your boo about sex? About the things you want to try out when your boo is less experimental than you? There is none. You just have to say it, the longer you wait to say it, the more complicated it becomes.

It’s not healthy to just keep your desires bottled up. There is nothing wrong with a little one-on-one, deep down honest conversation. Your boo should be man enough to take it, if not, that doesn’t give you the right to go look for what’s missing in your relationship somewhere else.

Women are more complicated and harder to please in bed compared to men. So it’s not really guys' fault if they sometimes get lost with all the buttons to push but they should at least be willing to learn. After all, there is no manual that comes with a woman’s body. Men should be open to learning from what the woman is saying and what she's not.

Variation is the key. Who cares if you go dress up like a fireman when once you get down to it, you still do it the same way you’ve done it since time immemorial. Try the union of the frog, oyster, goddess, posture of the stars or anything new for that matter. In love-making, it’s how you get there that matters.

One more thing, guys, you don’t have to take home the gold medal everytime. You can go 2nd or 3rd place and take home the silver or bronze medal. I’m sure your girl will appreciate it!

Sleep Dilemma  

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My body is still in morning shift mode these days even though its been over 2 weeks since I worked during mornings. I better start repairing my body clock. It would be so embarrassing to doze off during the T3 next week.

Back then I was so nocturnal that during my days off I still am wide awake and restless at night so we always end up watching movies or going to Fuente for siomai hihihi but now, I give out an involuntary yawn at work and whats worst is that I have to do it with my mouth closed. It would be so unbecoming for a trainer to be seen yawning by the trainees.

So just for kicks I tried googling my way to not falling asleep and I was amazed at how little is written about it because most articles ever written talk about how to fall asleep. I found something useful that talks about how not to fall asleep in wikihow though and I'll post the excerpts here but for a full article just click the link.

How Not To Fall Asleep

1) Use your sense of smell. A strong scent, good or bad, can make you more alert very quickly. Holistic healthcare providers often recommend essential oils of the following plants to stimulate the nervous system and reduce fatigue (open the bottle and take a big whiff when you're feeling drowsy).
2) Use acupressure. Massaging any of the following points will improve circulation and ease fatigue
3) Take a power nap. If you have the time, sleeping for just 15-20 minutes can increase your alertness by leaps and bounds if you have a cup of coffee (or any other form of caffeine) right before you fall asleep.
4) Expose yourself to bright light, preferably natural daylight. Your body's internal clock, its circadian rhythms, are regulated by your exposure to sufficient light. Even if you're in an environment where there's artificial light, brighter is better. If you can step outside (even on a cloudy day) or look out the window for a full minute, you'll be more alert. Wherever you work, see if you can replace the light fixture or add a lamp that will brighten your workspace.
5) Keep yourself uncomfortable.
6) Exercise at your computer. Just because you're sitting down doesn't mean you can't use your muscles.
7) Avoid a full stomach. Munch on snacks all day, rather than having a big meal. The key is to not get a spike of sugar intake (followed by the inevitable crash). The same goes for caffeine. Break your consumption down into small doses.
8) Listen to music that's energizing to you; if possible, dance or sing along, even if you just bob your head or hum. Music that's irritating or jarring to you can also work. Just make sure to use headphones so you don't disturb your co-workers.
9) Ask your co-workers to scare you. If they have a sense of humor, they'll delight in finding ways to pop out from behind your desk or around the corner, and it'll get your adrenaline rushing. Laughter is also a great way to fight drowsiness.

Totally Repackaged  

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Lately I have been trying to evaluate my relationship with dada. I should start evaluating it and not just take it by face value. So what was I like before him? An interesting question..makes me want to interview people who knew me then so as to avoid being bias. Since I don’t have the luxury to do so though, let me just walk you through.

I was not someone who thinks of the consequences of my actions. I do things because I wanted to do it and because I enjoy doing it with utter disregard of how it may make the other person feel. I never admit I’m at fault in a fight. So even if it was my mistake, you still awe me an apology (something I inherited from my mom). During arguments, I always have the last word. Meaning that anything you say can and will be used against you so your only other choice really is to let me win. Hey I’m just focusing on the bad side for effect but I do have several good qualities as well ^_^.

Now with dada, I actually care about what he feels. I try to watch out when I’m being unfair and inconsiderate.
Although there are times when I miss out since I’m still learning, at least I’m in the right track.
With him I’m learning how to become a better person. Now, I have a clear definition of what is right and what is wrong.
Back then right and wrong were obscured in the background by my selfishness and vanity.
It feels different not going out with friends to wallow in carnal pleasure that often leads to unsavory outcomes.
It's odd that I hear a moral alarm sounding off from inside me whenever I'm about to do something out of character.

Oooppsss! Look what the wind brought in, Dada's dad! I better pause for now.

Old Photos  

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I was cleaning out my drawer when I happened upon old disks that looked vaguely familiar. So what I did was checked the content in my PC and eureka! I found tons of photos of me inside haha and I thought these pics got lost when we moved. So let me show the proof of how I love taking pictures of myself even way back then. Let me show you some proof!!^_^

A Case of KK  

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I seem to have nothing else to do these days but check ebay and multiply for Kimono and Kaftan dresses. Dada always asks, “Don’t you have enough kimono dresses already?” Well yes until I see another one that I just must have ^_^

I like the fact that I can never go wrong with this type of cut. Just imagine sporting a baby bump in a cool kimono or kaftan instead of the typical maternity dress. Another great idea would be to go party wearing a kimono or kaftan inspired gown grrrr!! I like pairing mine with gladiator sandals, so fab!

I’m even thinking of learning how to sew because this type of dress can be expensive and I always buy mine online. I could save so much if I just buy a nice cloth and “CREATE”. Plus I can customize the colors, the cut and just experiment. Maybe I could even start my own line of kimonos and kaftans. Well just another item to add in my growing to-do list haha

Ok I better hit the shower now and prepare for work. It’s still at 10pm but I have not decided what to wear yet haha I’ll see you again soon people!

P.S. I’m posting some of the dresses I found online for inspiration.

My Calling? So It Seems...  

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So in case you might all be wondering if I won the Ebay bid, I did but only for the 2nd and 3rd dress. It’s alright because those 2 are my fave anyway.

Well that’s not really why I’m writing now. Oh my PC is back up now in case you are all wondering, “where is she blogging from now?” but that’s not the reason why I’m writing now either.

I want to tell you about Wave 37. This is rather late because they all graduated from training 2 weeks ago but with my PC being busted and all at that time, I just had to wait. Wave 37 is what I can consider my first real class because I didn’t have anybody with me to co-faci and there were 20 of them. The first thing I noticed when I walked into the room on the 1st day was, “Oh dear, this is a rowdy pack”. And I was right but there was never a dull moment with them. I guess we complimented each other. I believe that training shouldn’t be boring and so did they.

I must have done something right because they all passed PST weeh! And I felt like a proud mama. I was so moved when during the last day of training, they gave me this hand-made ceramic Madagascar frame kind-of with their messages for me on the back. I’ve never felt this fulfilled with work before and it made me realize that this is my calling. It’s not taking calls but training people. Seeing them now taking calls makes all the “dailies” seem worth it.

50 Minutes More To Go--Currently The Winning Bidder!!!  

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So even with a busted computer I'm still abe to shop online (evil laugh) ebay is not blocekd from work so I shop from work when I have the time and I'm proud to say that I'm currently winning. I'm just waiting for the time to run out but I already made a maximum bid on 3 of the items I must have because it's my birthday this month. Even if it's not my birthday though I still will place a max bid for those items. I told dada I'll cry 24x7 if I lose the bid and he replied with a heartfelt LOL..ugh! men!!! There are just things that a girl must have eventhough she doesn't really need them because it feels a necessity for the timebeing.

I'm confident I'm gonna win for shizzle!!! Here let me show you the dresses ^_^


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Well guys I miss all of you and I mean it!! I miss checking my blog and staying updated with the going-ons in your lives haha am back after what seemed like an eternity of blogging hiatus. Well it was just 2 weeks but oh boy I have so much to write about because of all the crazy stuff that happened. Anyway, let me start with why you have not felt my presence for sometime.

My PC got busted again after we just had it fixed so you can imagine how vexed I must have been right? So vexed the last thing I wanted was to have it fixed again ggggrrrrr!!! I just wanted to throw the useless thing outside the window or have a 12-wheeler truck run it over.

I was so vexed I didn't even want to blog because I was feeling too negative. Although in anger comes inspiration to write, I didn't want to be under its influence when I blog well at least whenever I can help it.

My PC is still busted and I have no intentions of having it fixed. It serves another purposse now. It's my stress PC. I punch it, kick it, cuss it, etc hahaha very therapeutic.


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In the neighborhood where my friend Tedd grew up he said drugs, weeds and whatever you call it is rampant … even before he started high school he already smoked by the time he finished high school he was what people call a drug addict. From syrups, marijuanas and cocaine … you name it he’s tried it … the sad thing about it is he knew what’s wrong with him but he can’t seem to stop. No, in his own words, he doesn’t have the strength to stop … he cannot deny the strong craving … so day in day out he did everything he can … stealing … robbery … everything just so he can buy whatever he needs to buy to satisfy his craving. He has grown thin, was never able to enroll for college, sunken eyes and cheeks. No longer the cute guy next door, but all that changed after 4 years of misery … at the age of 23 he was admitted for drug treatment and intervention somewhere in a place offering solitude and natures best.. The location, our support, he’s will to overcome it … made the treatment smooth sailing.

Now we have a totally reformed Tedd, healthier than he was 4 years ago, happier than he ever was. He’s gone back to painting and arts … and to writing too, the staff at the local drug rehab center has been very understanding and kind … making the place an easy environment for him. Can’t wait to see him when he’s drug detoxification is done … after all the pain he has gone through its high time for him to be with us … the people who cared and loved him the most.

Can’t wait for you to come home bro …

Richie Rich  

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Isn’t it inspiring when someone you know as part of a lower socioeconomic class crosses over to the world of wealth and class all of a sudden with the little stroke of luck and hard work? It is something that I ultimately want to be a part of. Successful stories like this happen more commonly than we realize it. Nouveau Riche, as these people are called exist everywhere and as a matter of fact I personally know some individuals who make good examples. It’s not always easy to tell who will make it or not in this society but self-made individuals certainly make everything look possible.

Looking back in history and the abundant list of Nouveau Riche community, we can see a common denominator in all of them. They are all hard-working, ambitious and calculating. They usually reached their status in venturing to the business world and their risks have most definitely paid off big time.

Nouveau Riche University where participants will be provided with comprehensive training to pave the way for the self-made billionaires. Now is a good time as any to be successful.