Catching Up!!!  

Posted by soreal

Finally, after 8 nagging phone calls to their customer service hotline and 3 actual visits to their office, Smartbro got us our internet connection back. I was so nonplussed at why it took so long to tansfer the connection to our new place. Geezus, it has been 1 month and all the while I felt so incomplete and sick of being cut off from blogging. I was even angry at times, almost blaming dada for it.

Well anyway, I say let bygones be bygones! There is so much I have to write about and I can't begin to imagine where to start. So much happened without me taking tabs of it. Now I have to rely on my rusty memory for the telling.


Posted by soreal

We had our annual examinations earlier and part of the test is visual acuity. Am sure I failed on this one as I have astigmatism and my sight has never been at its sharpness. So a friend I met online suggested I get Great Eyeglasses For Less, they're of good quality according to her and the Variable Dimension Frames From Zenni made them so fashionable that Zenni Optical was on FOX news! Can you imagine that? She asked me and I was like so long as they have pink on stock. Why not? Hehehe can'r wait to see more of Zenni on Fox.