Debt and All  

Posted by soreal

I've known of quite a number of people who are struggling between debts. It sometimes puzzle how they manage to juggle from one loan to the other, take for instance I know of a friend who's payroll goes directly to his credit card bills plus the loans on the side. Sometimes I wonder how he gets by but I think its goes to down to how you manage to make do with whats left after all the deductions. Run across a site during the course of my wandering in the web of a debt consolidation loans site ... its a first for me to hear such a term and was a bit intrigued by what it means. Based on what I've read its intended for credit cards, medical bills and collection accounts. This is targeted to users or consumers who are having difficulty meeting monthly payment requirements or are unable to reduce their balances should apply. Should he apply for this type of program? Maybe its worth mentioning ... but wouldn't it hurt his ego?

I find it awkward discussing other people's finances but he's a close friend of mine and though I cannot help him pay off his debts but at least in a way I'd be able to help him find ways on eliminating them one by one. Now am wondering if plans like this or services like this exist in the country, there's even a government debt elimination program that of which am not acquainted with the details but just the same its targeted to those who need help with their finances. Or maybe I can ask him to attend debt management plan before he starts getting another loan. Whew!!! Seems like he's style is to get another loan to pay his existing loan, which I find strange ... don't understand it really.

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