For Your Cats Only  

Posted by soreal

Cat flaps may not be popular in the Philippines but in countries like the UK and the US, many cat owners find it to be a convenience for them and their pet cats. Cat flap is a hinged flap set into a door, wall or window which allows cats to enter and exit your home on their own without any human assistance to open and close the door after them. So they can come and go without bothering their owners. However, simple flaps like the weighted ones are not as secure as a microchip cat flap. Thanks to the advancement of technology, microchip cat flaps like Pet Porte microchip cat flaps have features like a light sensor which detects daylight and will automatically lock the door at night which will ensure that your cat will not leave the house at night. Petporte microchip cat flap has a microchip sensor as well which will scan for the cat or the microchip that you have programmed into the unit which will unlock the door for your cat’s entry or exit. So if a cat or any kind of animal tries to get into the house and does not have this chip then it won’t be able to get into the house. This security feature can be of real use especially if you live near the woods for it will not just secure the house from stray cats it will also secure the house from animals like raccoons. In the city, it can also protect the house from burglars for it is not like those weighted flaps which can be lifted by just about anybody or anything like the wind. I could just imagine the noise that it will make if you leave near the beach. This is also a good protection for your cats and their especially if they are being followed by other cats.

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