Give Back  

Posted by soreal

I don’t know about the rest of the population but I’m a firm believer of giving to the less fortunate. That is why I admire those wealthy people who give out to those who have less in life. I don’t even care what their intentions are in joining foundations such the one headed by Jim Piccolo, what is important is that these people are making a difference in the lives of those they have helped.

Big celebrity names and businessmen all forget their differences in order to help out kids in Africa and such. The Piccolo Foundation headed by Jim Piccolo believes in giving back and paying forward if you are blessed. I would like to quote this message from him, “I encourage each person to dream not just about the things they want and the person they want to become, but about the things each of them can do to positively impact others.”

Successful Nouveau Rich investors have joined Jim Piccolo in making an impact in the community. So what if you are not as rich as these personalities, remember that money is not the only thing you can donate. You can volunteer and give your time to others if money should be an issue. I remember that warm and fulfilled feeling I got when the children we have helped during out annual outreach looked me in the eyes and said, “Thank you” not a feeling one feels everyday.

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