10 Reasons to be Thankful About Today  

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It's been awhile since I received a tag so this one is very welcome.
Thank you Dez for sharing this with me!

I do have days when things just go from bad to worse but I try to remind myself of why I should be thankful. Writing it like this is a good idea to not forget. Reading it out loud so I can hear it is even better!

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1) I'm happy that during bad days, a day only lasts 24 hours and I can start fresh the morning after.
2) I'm happy I have a job I love that actually pays.
3) I'm happy I have the most understanding bf in whole world that gives me more than I deserve.
4) I'm happy I got my online purchases today.
5) I'm happy my family is complete.
6) I'm happy that my hair is now long enough to be tied into a ponytail.
7) I'm happy we are finally moving to a place that is just 1 ride to almost anywhere in Cebu.
8) I'm happy I'm gaining weight because that means I'm occupying more space than others hahaha
9) I'm happy my bf performs really well in his job.
10) Most of all, I'm just happy to be here and be alive.

Tagging the happy people I know, Wena, Michy, Bena, Eds and Tchel.

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