My Ugliest Moment!  

Posted by soreal

Chickenpox is a highly contagious illness caused by primary infection with varicella zoster virus (VZV). It generally begins with conjunctival and catarrhal symptoms and then characteristic spots appearing in two or three waves, mainly on the body and head rather than the hands and becoming itchy raw pockmarks, small open sores which heal mostly without scarring.

It was December 05, the worst Christmas ever! I was 22 then, a bad age to get hit with chickenpox. I kept telling my friends here in Cebu of how ugly my face was and how I felt so disgusting. How I was looked upon with disgust (sigh), I didn’t even want to look at the mirror. I was so angry and frustrated at that time because it was like God was punishing me. I’m one of those people who take really good care of their faces so my face was my pride…then comes the Chicken Pox.

When I lost my phone back then, I thought I also lost the evidence that I did get chicken pox. Thank God I found the disk where I backed up most photos from my phone before.

I never thought my face would ever get back to that state it was before the scabs and blisters but it did. You can’t even tell I had chicken pox. EXCUSE ME FOR POSTING MY UGLY PIC but I’m doing this so that people will take chicken pox seriously and to show that you can get this illness at an adult age and still rise above it more beautiful!

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wait, when was this?
good thing you recovered A! ano sekreto? :)

yes were really looked awful here, but then again, look at you now...inborn na jud na imong kagwapa oi! ang kahamis sa nawng...ay, sori EOP? bwhahahaaa..mwahmwah A!

OMG! you look really bad in that chicken pox, i must agree. but how beautiful you still look after that.

@spymama yes i looked super bad and I felt really bad as well..thank God the scars are gone now

nyay, it really does look bad on you then. Good thing it didn't left a scar on you.

ay,susme hate ko chicken pox! nakuha ko yan sa kapatid ko, kaya yung dating flawless na mukha ko eh hindi na ganun ka smooth ngayon lol nagkaron ako noong 16 ako, susme hindi ko makalimutan yun, hindi talaga pinalampas ang buong katawan ko, buong skin ko meron. hayyy... pero buti talaga hindi ka nagkaron ng peklat ano? ganda pa rin ng kutis mo, yung sa akin ewan ko ba nag iwan ng scars, bwiset heheee

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