Be an Accountant in California  

Posted by soreal

Working outside the country to earn dollars and have so much more extra to help our family while also making our dreams come true is something most of us are coveting for, well that’s what I’m coveting for at least. Not everyone gets lucky and live the life they want for themselves and their family. Some stay and live the life they’ve always lived. Yet there are those who stayed and still lived the life they wanted. At any rate, one has to make decision.

As for me, I suck at making decisions because I hate the pressure. When I’m faced with something that leaves me totally confused, I resort to something else. I interview 10 random friends and base my decision from them; that way if anything goes wrong then I can always go back to them. It’s a twisted way to think but hey, that is not how I do it all the time though.

With the different jobs available to those who willingly apply for it and those who deserve it, all we need to do really is make that move. That is what my accountant uncle did, he made the move to leave and work at a greener pasture. According to him though, the pasture may be greener there but it is just as hard to plow. He was able to find his career in one the Accounting Jobs in California. So if you are a qualified accountant just like him then you can find accounting jobs in California and earn as much or even more. As what my uncle always say, “California is where an accountant should be”.

Well I’m not an accountant and I don’t think I will ever be one but I do have several friends who are and this is good news for them.

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