From Kawasan And Back (updated with pix)  

Posted by soreal

Some of my friends and I went to Kawasan Falls to celebrate my 25th Birthday yesterday. To those who have been to that place, you would know that there is a major hiking spree involve. It's my 2nd time there, the 1st time was with Wena when we went there right after shift and I ended up with no undies on my way home hahaha

There were 7 of us yesterday, Dada, Wena, Eds, Michy, Mik, Kim and yourstruly. Everyone got wet and wild except for Mik and his sister Kim, I think they just went there to take unadulterated pictures of themselves hihihi

Eds was the official photographer of the group and I'll just grab pictures from his site the moment he posts it. Wena and Mik gave me a purple elephant as a present, so cute! It has a really long name so changed it to Wik2x hihihi in honor of the parents (Wena & Mike). You might be wondering what dada gave me; he gave me a lovely Timex watch because I don't have a watch for the reason that I use my phone to check the time.

We packed up our things and started hiking back to the road at 4pm yesterday. Got back to Cebu at 8pm and we were all so tired because the ride home was a killer! The moment I got home I went to bed right away to just relax and then shower later but when I woke up it was already 6am hahaha

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ka enjoy naman..
naku po! ang tweet tweet...
who's the couple kissing ha? hehehehe
thanks for the vote sis...