Totally Repackaged  

Posted by soreal

Lately I have been trying to evaluate my relationship with dada. I should start evaluating it and not just take it by face value. So what was I like before him? An interesting question..makes me want to interview people who knew me then so as to avoid being bias. Since I don’t have the luxury to do so though, let me just walk you through.

I was not someone who thinks of the consequences of my actions. I do things because I wanted to do it and because I enjoy doing it with utter disregard of how it may make the other person feel. I never admit I’m at fault in a fight. So even if it was my mistake, you still awe me an apology (something I inherited from my mom). During arguments, I always have the last word. Meaning that anything you say can and will be used against you so your only other choice really is to let me win. Hey I’m just focusing on the bad side for effect but I do have several good qualities as well ^_^.

Now with dada, I actually care about what he feels. I try to watch out when I’m being unfair and inconsiderate.
Although there are times when I miss out since I’m still learning, at least I’m in the right track.
With him I’m learning how to become a better person. Now, I have a clear definition of what is right and what is wrong.
Back then right and wrong were obscured in the background by my selfishness and vanity.
It feels different not going out with friends to wallow in carnal pleasure that often leads to unsavory outcomes.
It's odd that I hear a moral alarm sounding off from inside me whenever I'm about to do something out of character.

Oooppsss! Look what the wind brought in, Dada's dad! I better pause for now.

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