Posted by soreal

Well guys I miss all of you and I mean it!! I miss checking my blog and staying updated with the going-ons in your lives haha am back after what seemed like an eternity of blogging hiatus. Well it was just 2 weeks but oh boy I have so much to write about because of all the crazy stuff that happened. Anyway, let me start with why you have not felt my presence for sometime.

My PC got busted again after we just had it fixed so you can imagine how vexed I must have been right? So vexed the last thing I wanted was to have it fixed again ggggrrrrr!!! I just wanted to throw the useless thing outside the window or have a 12-wheeler truck run it over.

I was so vexed I didn't even want to blog because I was feeling too negative. Although in anger comes inspiration to write, I didn't want to be under its influence when I blog well at least whenever I can help it.

My PC is still busted and I have no intentions of having it fixed. It serves another purposse now. It's my stress PC. I punch it, kick it, cuss it, etc hahaha very therapeutic.

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