50 Minutes More To Go--Currently The Winning Bidder!!!  

Posted by soreal

So even with a busted computer I'm still abe to shop online (evil laugh) ebay is not blocekd from work so I shop from work when I have the time and I'm proud to say that I'm currently winning. I'm just waiting for the time to run out but I already made a maximum bid on 3 of the items I must have because it's my birthday this month. Even if it's not my birthday though I still will place a max bid for those items. I told dada I'll cry 24x7 if I lose the bid and he replied with a heartfelt LOL..ugh! men!!! There are just things that a girl must have eventhough she doesn't really need them because it feels a necessity for the timebeing.

I'm confident I'm gonna win for shizzle!!! Here let me show you the dresses ^_^

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Naku sis..to die for naman pud diay ang items..
must have jud!
thanks for the comment sis..
lagi sabay pud ta sa uso ani..sakit!

hi sis! happy Sunday! cute ng mga dresses! gud luck sa bids! =)

i like the one in the middle. puede akin na lang since it's my bday is next month... hehehe...

OOH! How pretty. So did you win the auction? I hope so. :)