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In the neighborhood where my friend Tedd grew up he said drugs, weeds and whatever you call it is rampant … even before he started high school he already smoked by the time he finished high school he was what people call a drug addict. From syrups, marijuanas and cocaine … you name it he’s tried it … the sad thing about it is he knew what’s wrong with him but he can’t seem to stop. No, in his own words, he doesn’t have the strength to stop … he cannot deny the strong craving … so day in day out he did everything he can … stealing … robbery … everything just so he can buy whatever he needs to buy to satisfy his craving. He has grown thin, was never able to enroll for college, sunken eyes and cheeks. No longer the cute guy next door, but all that changed after 4 years of misery … at the age of 23 he was admitted for drug treatment and intervention somewhere in a place offering solitude and natures best.. The location, our support, he’s will to overcome it … made the treatment smooth sailing.

Now we have a totally reformed Tedd, healthier than he was 4 years ago, happier than he ever was. He’s gone back to painting and arts … and to writing too, the staff at the local drug rehab center has been very understanding and kind … making the place an easy environment for him. Can’t wait to see him when he’s drug detoxification is done … after all the pain he has gone through its high time for him to be with us … the people who cared and loved him the most.

Can’t wait for you to come home bro …

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