New Nail Polish Color  

Posted by soreal

I always look forward to the daily coaching I have with out Training Delivery Manager. I see her as a woman of substance and someone to look up to especially because the rest of the NACS trainers are all guys leaving me with nobody to identify with. On the other hand, I really don’t mind being the only woman, makes me feel like a Queen nyahaha (wait till any of the boys read this). So last Friday’s coaching was about presentation and how a trainer should be packaged. I need to buy a new set of wardrobe, something that doesn’t show any cleavage at all. There is a very strict NO CLEAVAGE policy for trainers both men and woman (winks) and I happen to enjoy showing a bit of mine as an agent so it has to stop now.
When I got home I felt the utter need to change my nail polish and I changed it red hihih although my boss said that we should never use any shocking color. Well if my memory serves me right, her definition of shocking was yellow, blue and green and anything that is not a match to what you’re wearing. I have several red outfits to match my red mail polish and besides, it’s my off today so no big deal.

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yikes! i am so loving your new nail polish sis! and the long nails? huhuhu.. kakainggit..buti pa you long nails me short nails..di ako sanay eh..napuputol..

hmmm...itago ang cleavage kay temptation na! hahahaha