My Boss's Boss  

Posted by soreal

Yesterday morning we met with the country Training Site Director. For someone known as a visionary, strategic thinker and intelligent, she sure seemed a little too tiny. I don’t mean that in a negative way because I find her really pretty. She’s a petite woman with delicate features. Her brilliant eyes shine with depth and wisdom only a woman of her experience can effectuate. She’s 36 but she looks younger, so much younger actually and when she speaks it is with calculated clarity and sense. Even her jokes make sense.

I don’t know why sometimes I get stumped in the presence of powerful women. Maybe it’s because I can’t help but admire, respect and fear them. Deep down, I believe everyone wants to be like them minus the unsuccessful love life of course.

Rich said it was like a “meeting Miranda” know Miranda Priestly (Devil Wears Prada) but I didn’t think so even for one moment. Our director lacks that unwelcoming and steel-like element. I’m glad to have a boss like her!

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