The Magic of Blue Magic  

Posted by soreal

I love this store; I love all the cute huggables they have inside their store. I feel warm and light everytime I visit their store, it’s like being in a magical place with so many cute and magical items around. I have never purchased anything for myself in their shop though. I believe that every item inside are meant to be gifts for people you love. I have gotten my share of gifts from this shop some trinkets and thinggumies from friends and of course their specialty, the stuffed toys. The first stuffed animal I got was a white bear given by an ex-boyfriend which I gladly gave out to a street child when we broke up. I sure made the kid happy! The 2nd one is a brown bear that we named “Mumble” after the penguin character in the Happy Feet movie. The 3rd one and I must say my favorite is a pink pig that I named “Gloria” after Mumble’s love interest in the movie. A pig named Gloria and a bear named Mumble, what a very odd couple!

There is just one thing that doesn’t seem to fit in Blue magic and I don’t know if I’m the only one who thinks this or not. Have you seen their staff’s outfit? The girls wear skimpy black suits and skimpy mini skirts matched with black stockings and black shoes. I’m not saying they don’t look good though, I mean it must be a requirement for them to have long legs and all but come on, it’s a store that sells cute stuffed animals not a lingerie shop. Even their guys look like they’re selling insurance policy or something. What I would love to see, so as to make the place even more magical are sales people wearing cute and silly animal outfits and big happy smiles.

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Lol! That's my Blue Magic Designs Logo, taken of course, from the official logo of BM with just a little tweak of my own.

I agree though, Blue Magic is one of my favorite stores in Philippines. I wish there was one here in the USA though.