A Bit of Paradise In A Place Called Alegre  

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Hi everyone! I have a really good excuse for not being able to write sooner. Management had a training/outing last Saturday and Sunday at Alegre Beach Resort. The training was interesting yet very tiring because we went straight to the resort right after work so everyone was awake for 24 hours grrr. The Resort however is a totally wonderful place and I had the best bubble bath experience in my entire life..so far.

Alegre is a tranquil resort in the North pat of Cebu. It’s EXPENSIVE but worth every Php. They have the most accommodating and hospitable staff. When we got there we were greeted with friendly smiles and a table of freshly made juice awaited us; just the thing we needed after a 2 hour travel. We wanted to go check out our rooms right away but Momi Lai wanted to get the training started so we can have all the free time in the world after.

So where do I start bragging? Well let’s start off with lunch then. The buffet lunch was super amazing! As a matter of fact, every meal is amazing in Alegre. Everything’s fresh, cooked and served at its best (sigh). All my other buffet eat-till-u-drop experiences are a far cry from what they offer. Their cook in their can seriously do some major damage to anyone’s diet.

Now let’s move on to another brag-worthy morsel…the rooms. The moment we opened the door, we gawked in awe at 2 huge beds, large sofa, big tv, DVD player, mini ref and a heavenly bathroom. I’ve never been in such a really big bathroom before. It’s like stepping into your very own getaway to a place where you can get lost in relaxation. They have cute customized bottles labeled with whatever is inside it like shampoo, conditioner, bath gel, lotion, etc. Oh boy, I really took advantage of the bobble bath hihi The pillows are as soft as clouds, not that I’ve hugged clouds before though. The room is like a beautiful dream in its self and I wanted to keep it so much, everyone felt the same way.

Wait, I’m not done bragging. Just a few stairs down is The Cliff, Alegre’s tiny bar at the beach. To say it’s beautiful is an understatement. They have a spa hut, hammocks, a cabana, beach beds and some smoked colored tables and chairs. The beach when we got there was so inviting, it was calling us but I ignored it coz I was too busy noticing every other wonderful detail. The only down side is that the sand although it’s white is not really all that refined and powdery so I don’t recommend playing beach volley.

Alegre sure knows how to tickle anyone’s fancy. It is one of the favorite places of our site director and now its one of my favorites too.

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paibog baya ay! ana man ng mga gwapa pa bubble bath-bubble bath na lang..hehehe.. nice kaayo ang place sis!

oi pahimo pa ka layout? unsa colour? girly na layout man?

WOW! This place truly looks beautiful! I'm sure you had a great time, through all the work and sweat (: Great blog, I'm enjoying reading it

great blog!!
nice pics and uncovering a beautiful place.....nice job